"SOMETHING OUT OF THE BLUE" is a delightful way to surprise your special student, even if there's no particular reason.  It's a presentation of favorite treats wrapped in a cellophane bag, adorned with cheery ribbons.  Choose one of the options (items may vary slightly, due to availability), or let us be creative and design something unique for you!

Something Out of the Blue!

  • #1.  Soup (heat & eat), Crackers, Cookies

    #2.  Popcorn, Cocoa or Hot Cider, Trail Mix, Movie Candy

    #3.  Biscotti, Cocoa, Snack Mix, Fruit Snacks

    #4.  Mac & Cheese, Sweet Treat, Nuts

    #5.  Cereal, Pop Tarts, Fruit Cup, Juice

    #6.  Shower Gel, Slippers or Socks, Nutella Snack or Chips

    #7.  Lotion, Hand Soap (pump), Cocoa, Caramel Corn

    #8.  Cake in a Mug Mix, Mug, Sparkling Cider, Nuts

    #9.  Popcorn, Peanuts, Candy Bar, Beverage

    #10.  Honey Mustard Pretzels, Licorice, Nuts, Cookie